APeT Parmaceuticals

About Us

APeT Holding BV, a Dutch pharmaceutical company with its roots in the famous Sophia Children’s Hospital of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam (NL). APeT has developed the first biomarker tests and related treatments for psychiatric conditions like ASD, ADHD, depression, anxiety and epilepsy.

APeT’s first psychiatric and neurodegenerative disease diagnostics and treatments are based on the well-established understanding of metabolism and its relation to neurotransmitter functioning in the brain.

Development is being done in close cooperation with renowned analytical laboratories and universities in the Benelux. One of APeTs founders has laid down the basis for the current world standard of metabolic amino acid diagnostics used in university hospitals and is a worldwide recognised authority on metabolic diseases.

APeT is working on the introduction, with multinational pharma companies, of new treatments based on its controlled drug delivery technology in various fields of medicine like Neurology, Cardiovascular Diseases, Gastroenterology, Infectious diseases, Urology, Pain Management, Pulmonology and Internal Medicine.

Ansynth Service collaborated with the Epileptic Center Dr. Hans Berger in Oosterhout (NL). Many patients with metabolic disorders are diagnosed by amino acid and indole analysis in 24-hrs urine. Ansynth Service has been distributor of Amino Acid Analyzers from Biochrom (in Cambridge, part of Harvard Biosciences) in the Benelux for many years.

Customers are academic metabolic laboratories, feed and food laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Ansynth has done amino acid analysis QA/QC for Nestlé world-wide. Ánsynth has provided worldwide advice for Biochrom to amino acid analyzer users, and lectures on amino acid analysis, (Europe, USA, Middle East, South-East Asia, etc.).

APeT’s focus is on diagnosing metabolic disorders as seen in children with behavioral abnormalities in ADHD or autism. In many cases metabolic disturbances are detected which can be treated.

Therapeutic advice to medical specialists has resulted in remarkable improvements or normalization of the clinical abnormalities.