APeT Parmaceuticals

Drug Delivery

Many patients are suffering from:

  • Side effects of their medication
  • Medication that does not work (or doesn’t work sufficiently)

Therapy compliance: too many pills, spread over different hours of intake per day leads to skipping/forgetting to take the right amount of medication at the right time, or stopping the therapy

Pharmaceutical companies suffer from:

  • Loss of patents/exclusivity of their drugs
  • Empty pipelines: not enough new drugs to keep profits up
  • Suboptimal market penetration
  • Side effects of their marketed drugs (which can lead to poor patient compliance)
  • Lack of new targetable patient populations

APeT ’s answer:

FLOTEX-C, unprecedented controlled release

FLOTEX-C is a safer, self-repairing, better performing, gastro-retentive controlled release drug delivery platform for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

New drugs can benefit from greatly improved effectiveness and safety. Generic compounds can gain new patent life, new target patient populations and improved efficacy with less side effects without the need of spending billions of euro’s for a new drug. Use of GRASS and EFSA approved ingredients improves safety and facilitates the use in nutraceuticals thereby opening the door to better new nutraceuticals that depending on the indication can compete with specialised drugs.


  • is safe
  • targets the most important drug absorption parts of the gastro-intestinal tract
  • provides highly tuneable release profiles with high drug loads if desired
  • up to 24-hour release possible
  • is easy to produce
  • makes use of generally recognised as safe (GRASS) ingredients
  • can be tailored to target other parts of the intestinal tract